Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island) is a collaborative campaign to tackle the issue of single-use plastic in Bali and beyond. Pulau Plastik leverages popular culture and includes social media campaigns, public service announcements, video series, and a feature-length documentary to increase awareness about the hazards of single-use plastic, to change people’s behavior and to advocate for change.

Through the distribution of Pulau Plastik content, the main goals of this campaign are:

  • To change people’s behavior so they refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastics.
  • To support the implementation of government policy in Bali concerning single-use plastics.
  • To encourage the adoption and implementation of policy concerning single-use plastics at a national scale.

Pulau Plastik Film

A documentary film by Visinema Pictures, Kopernik, Akarumput, and Watchdoc that tells the story of three individuals and their fight against single-use plastic pollution. Gede Robi, is the Balinese vocalist of grunge-band Navicula; Tiza Mafira, a young lawyer from Jakarta; and Prigi Arisandi, a biologist and river guard from East Java. The three protagonists explore the extent of plastic pollution in Indonesia, how it has entered our food chain and is impacting our health, as well as what can be done to address the plastic pollution crisis.

The film is now available in Bioskop Online.

You can also organize a private screening with your community or institution. Click here for more information.

Pulau Plastik Series

A four-episode series produced by Kopernik and Akarumput. Each episode is 20 minute long, covering key issues surrounding single-use plastics, including microplastics, household sorting and disposal, government policy, and the food and hospitality industry. They strongly feature Balinese philosophy and its relationship with single use plastics. The episodes feature practical solutions and practical calls to action for individuals to reduce single use plastics.


All episodes are now available on YouTube. Please click the episode you wish to watch below.


Pulau Plastik produces Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with concrete calls to action that encourage people to refuse single-use plastics.