Zero Waste Product

Finding affordable green alternatives can be a difficult task. Here, our team compiles a list of vendors that supply affordable eco-friendly products. This resource is for individuals who wish to move their lifestyle to zero-waste and also for restaurant and hotel owners who are looking to adopt the zero-waste principles into their businesses.

The following are greener alternative options for single-use plastic items along with information of their vendor. You can contact the vendors directly if you are interested in buying.

If you want your business to be featured, please contact us through: with the subject title: Website_ [vendor’s name]_[date].

Glass Jar Container

Glass canning jars can keep foods fresh and safe. It also can be used over and over again. The mason jars provide extensive functionality and can be used to serve liquid concoctions.

Material: Durable Glass 
Capacity: 1 pint / 16 ounce / 473 ml
Price: Rp. 32,500 Wholesale price starts from Rp.29,500 / 8 pcs
Vendor: Whiz World / Jakarta

Beeswax Food Wrap

The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Beeswax wrap is very sustainable for the environment and safe to use. Beeswax wrap is reusable and can last for 1 year with regular use.

Size:20x20 cm, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm
Material: pure forest beeswax, 100% cotton
Price: Rp. 120,000/ pack (3 pieces)
Vendor: Kalika / Jakarta /

Disposable Paper Straw

Made of biodegradable environmental friendly materials and food safe ink. A safe and suitable alternative to plastic, these are safer for the environment and most often biodegradable.

Type: Straight
Material: Paper
Price: Rp.15,000/pack (25pieces) Wholesale price starts from Rp. 13,000/12 pack
Vendor: Berlianparty / Jakarta

Shopping Bag

Do not use plastic bags for your groceries! Bring these to groceries or to go picnic. These bags are durable and can carry weigh up to 10 kg.

Color: Green & Blue
Material: Earth-friendly
Price: Rp. 20,000 / 2 pieces 
Vendor: Shopping Solution /Jakarta

Reuseable Cotton Produce Bag

Cotton produces bags with 3 different sized bags, perfect to shop plastic-freend versatile to use for fresh produce, dried foods , and other items.

Material: 100% Organic natural cotton 
Quality: 3
Size: L (30cm x 35cm), M (25cm x 30cm), S (20cm x 25cm)
Color: Beige
Vendor: Dondun / Gianyar

Alat Makan Bambu

Peralatan makan yang terbuat dari bambu adalah pilihan yang berkelanjutan bagi lingkungan. Alat makan ini mudah dibawa dan praktis digunakan. praktis digunakan.

Bahan: 100% bambu
Penjual: Yasminida / Bali / +62 812 3734 9205

Wadah Bungkus Daun Kelapa

Wadah yang ramah lingkungan ini terbuat dari daun kelapa yang dirangkai bersama. Wadah ini bisa bertahan hingga 3 hari.

Dimensi: 22 x 5 cm
Harga: Rp5.000 / biji
Penjual: Rani / Ubud / +62 812 3951 174

Tas dari Koran

Tas kertas buatan tangan yang terbuat dari 100% limbah koran. Tas ini aman untuk membawa barang hingga 2 kg.

Ukuran: 16 x 27 x 26 cm
Harga: Rp5.000 / tas (min pesan 100 biji)
Penjual: Tut / Ubud / +62 857 9266 7005