Zero Waste Product

Finding affordable green alternatives can be a difficult task. Here, our team compiles a list of vendors that supply affordable eco-friendly products. This resource is for individuals who wish to move their lifestyle to zero-waste and also for restaurant, hotel and other business owners who are looking to adopt the zero-waste principles into their businesses.

The following are greener alternative options for single-use plastic items along with information of their vendor. You can contact the vendors directly if you are interested in buying.

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Siklus Refill

Siklus delivers refills of everyday consumer products to your doorstep without plastic packaging. With Siklus, you can save money while saving the planet.

Material: -

Size: -

Price: varied

Vendor: Siklus

Address: Jakarta, Depok, Tangsel, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bogor

Contact: details: +6287776201410/ / IG @siklusrefill

Areca Catechu Plate

The areca catechu plates are a solution to plastic/styrofoam disposable plates waste. Made only from natural material and free from chemical additions.

Material: betel nut

Size: available in several models

Price: Rp 2,350 - Rp 3,000 / piece

Vendor: Rumah Jambe-e 

Address: Jambi, Sumatra

Contact: details: +6285266373963 / / IG @rumahjambee

Paper Gummed Tape

No more plastic packing tape. Just cut the tape to the desired length. Run the gummed shiny side of the paper tape along a wet sponge twice and stick to seal box.

Material: paper

Size: 5cm x 100m

Price: Rp 45,000

Vendor: Ibu Bumi Bali

Address: Bali and Jakarta

Contact details: / IG @ibubumibali

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are instantly better for the planet. Being formulated with less water means they save water on the production process. Without the liquid, there’s no need for plastic bottles.

Material: all natural ingredients, plant based extract, essential oils. No SLS, parabens, palm oil and soap free

Size: -

Price: Rp 70,000/ bar

Vendor: Ibu Bumi Bali

Address: Bali and Jakarta

Contact details: / IG @ibubumibali

Coconut Leaves Plate

Made of woven coconut leaves, these plates are good to use to up to three days.

Material: 100% coconut leaves

Size: 22cm x 5cm

Price: Rp 5,000/ piece

Vendor: Rani

Address: Ubud, Bali

Contact details: +62 812 3951 174

Beeswax Food Wrap

The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Beeswax wrap is very sustainable for the environment and safe to use. It is reusable and can last for one year with regular use.

Material: pure forest beeswax, cotton

Size: 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm

Price: Rp 120,000/ pack (3 sheets)

Vendor: Kalika 

Address: Jakarta

Contact details: / IG @kalika.wrap

Bamboo Utensils

These bamboo utensils are the perfect sustainable items for your daily use. They are practical and easy to carry around.

Material: 100% bamboo

Size: available in different models

Price: Rp 95,000 - Rp 115,000

Vendor: Yasminida Bali

Address: Gianyar, Bali

Contact details: +62 812 3734 9205/ / IG @yasminidabali

Coconut Bowl

Did you know that every part of a coconut tree is valuable? The coconut bowl is made of a coconut shell. Handcrafted with care, it is reusable and safe for both hot soup and cold smoothie.

Material: 100% coconut shell

Size: medium, extra large

Price: Rp 27,500 - Rp 35,000/ piece. Contact vendor for wholesale price 

Vendor: Yasminida Bali

Address: Gianyar, Bali

Contact details: +62 812 3734 9205/ / IG @yasminidabali

Paper Bag

Handmade paper bags made of 100% newspaper waste. Although made of paper, this bag can carry items up to 2 kg.

Material: old newsprint and jute rope

Size: 16cm x 27cm x 26cm

Price: IDR 5,000/ bag (minimum order 100 pieces)

Vendor: Tut

Address: Ubud, Bali

Contact:: +62 857 9266 7005